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    -insert creative title here-



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    -insert creative title here-

    Post by VampVixen on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:51 pm

    I present to you...a story I epicly failed on decided to show you

    Chapter 1: Transformation

    The sun was going down, the beautiful starry night sky replacing the daylight. In the forest, nights could be beautiful. Not like in the city where everything was lit up. In the forest, things were un-touched for the most part. That’s what VampVixen was thinking about as she woke up from a rather pleasant dream she was having. She looked out into the moonlit forest. It was all she knew. She didn’t know daylight at all. She had never seen it, or at least not that she can remember. She closed her eyes and sighed.

    She wished she could go out in daylight. But she was a vampire, and the sun killed vampires. She thought it wouldn’t be as bad if she actually remembered her human life. But she didn’t, and only one person knew the reason that she had lost her memory. Lucian, the vampire who had bitten her, is the only one who knows. She sometimes considered him a creep because he wouldn’t leave her alone. He always told her that real vampires kill humans like every other vampire. Of course, he doesn’t do that anymore ever since she found out something about herself. Most vampires and even some humans had a new-found respect for her. She became what is known as the red and black cat, a special vampire that’s different than all the others. Well, not all of them. There is one other like her. A vampire called the blue and white wolf. Together, they stopped many killings from happening. They were an inseparable team and forever best friends.

    “Where is Luna anyways?” she asked herself. Then she realized she could have just asked her. They can talk to each other via mind talk. “Luna, where are you at?” she asked as she twirled her black hair around her finger.

    “I am just walking around the forest. I’m not anywhere in particular. Took you long enough to wake up. The moon rose about two hours ago. That dream again?” Luna answered.

    “It’s a good dream, but I still don’t understand it at all. I mean, I’m walking in broad daylight just after sunrise, but I seem to be smaller. I don’t ever seem to investigate why though.” She said back.

    Luna knew all about the dream. Vamp had told her about it loads of times. She seemed happier when she was asleep, dreaming about running in the sunlight. “Well, why don’t you come find me and we will explore around here some more. We were told we need to stick around this general area.”

    “Alright, I’m on my way” was what Vamp replied back. She got up and ran quickly out of the cave. Quickly isn’t the right word, more like sped at top speed. Vamp was much faster than most vampires and had sharper eyes. Luna wasn’t as fast, but what Luna lacked in speed she made up for in strength.

    Vamp came up behind Luna and poked her on the back. Luna simply turned around and gave her a look that said “really?” Vamp burst out in laughter and soon, Luna joined in as well. Their laughter soon ended when they heard a scream not too far off.

    “Why must other vampires make our job harder?” Luna complained.

    “Because they love seeing us kick their butts?” Vamp simply replied back in a joking manner.

    “Ha ha you’re so hilarious” Luna said back in a sarcastic tone.

    “Let’s go stop the guy so we can enjoy this beautiful night” Vamp said. She could really care less if she enjoyed the night. She would have forever and a night to do that. Bust she just wanted to be done and over-with stopping any vampires tonight.

    They ran towards the sound, Vamp slowing to keep pace with Luna. They saw a vampire they had not seen before, and they thought they had seen them all. He wasn’t a new vampire either. In his hands was a human girl who was screaming her head off. He seemed to be teasing her on whether to kill her or not.

    “Please” she cried. “Please let me go.” She was crying and screaming for help.

    Vamp and Luna ran out of their cover and he simply turned around then got a malicious grin on his face. “I was wondering when you two would show your pretty faces.” Vamp and Luna exchanged confused glances. “Confused?” he asked.

    Vamp looked to the side and saw the girl had already made a break for it, which confused her as most other vampires didn’t let humans escape so easily. Well he had actually made her job easier! Boy was she wrong. “I guess since you let her escape we don’t have to do anything.”

    “You stupid little kitty cat, I never was going to kill her.”

    “Wait what?”

    “Aww the wolfie is confused as well. My little sister does put on quite a show doesn’t she?” He said as the same girl came out of the bushes.

    “There, are you happy NOW Derek?” she asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

    “Not until my plan works Alisha.”

    “What Plan?” asked Vamp and Luna at the same time.

    The next turn of events happened faster than Vamp could ever run. ANOTHER vampire stepped out of the bushes behind Vamp and Luna. No sooner had they turned around that some weapon was fired and a bright light surrounded them.

    “DEREK!” Alisha screamed as the light surrounded her as well.

    “NO! ALISHIA!” Even though she was human he cared for his sister. When the light disappeared, Vamp, Luna, and Alisha had all disappeared. “SAMUEL YOU IDIOT!” He screamed. “THAT WAS NOT MEANT FOR MY SISTER! ONLY VAMP AND LUNA!”

    “Sorry, I moved it too far” he said, but didn’t seem to care. He was only in this to get rid of the two goody-two-shoe vampires. “So what exactly did this do to them?”

    “Don’t know; I was testing it on them. But it got rid of them. Taking my sister with them!” He growled the last part.

    “Sorry” Samuel said again with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Later” he said as he left, leaving a very mad Derek fuming.


    So yes cheesy, yes its failish, and idk if Ill continue it :/ Feedback? Please. Not u vannah, u dont like anything I write :/


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    Re: -insert creative title here-

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